Who are we?

We, the owners of Haykeshof, would like to introduce ourselves to you:
We are Lilian and Wim van Wijlick. In 2000, the property and associated grounds came into our possession by inheritance. After long reflection, calculation and construction design the demolition of the old building, in poor condition and dating from 1857 started in 2008. Mid-2009 we started rebuilding the complex.
The basic setup was a group / holiday accommodation. Because our own private home is located directly at the property the tourist concept was from time to time very stressful for our private life. Among the tourists we incidentally had company staffpersonnel housed before, especially Polish, wich worked out so well, that we entirely switched over to accommodate foreign employees and personnel entirely by 2013, both long and short term.
Our strengths: we both speak and write English and German and meanwhile speak a few words of Polish. Furthermore, our customers say we are patient, compassionate, but also strict and fair. The strength of Haykeshof is its small scale. We as owners live on the site so that there is a 24 hours supervision and assistance, creating a relaxed and casual atmosphere.
The feedback we get from the people who have stayed with us is that they felt at home in our accommodation.
An employee who feels at ease in his spare time, will perform better at work!